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Is your Car Airconditioning feeling a bit HOT?
It might be time for a Re-GAS only $99 with Hychill minus 30, BOOK a Service Today!

Car air con aircon conditioning regas re-gas servicingSooner or later, depending on the use your car air conditioning unit is put through, your refrigerant gas is going to drop to a level, where your comfort is no longer ensured when the weather is hot or humid. The first signs of air conditioner refrigerant fatigue are:

  • Air feels warm or even hot
  • Humidity is very sticky
  • Even on full feels hot

For many people, there is simply nothing worse than climbing into a scorching HOT car in the middle of summer.

If these are your thoughts then it may well be that your car air conditioning needs Re-Gasing.

The most common cause of poor performance for your car air conditioning regas is due to the lack of refrigerant. If you find you need to get your air conditioner regased then Compujection Car Aircon Re-Gas Service Workshop is the place you need to come.

At Compujection, we have the most advanced air con regas unit on the market, manufactured by HyChill and this ensures you’re up and running with a cool, relaxing ride in the summer heat really quick.

To book a regas for your car air conditioner, just click the call button below to contact us now.

Car Air Conditioning Regascar air conditioning regas aircon service

  • Compujection Car Mechanics are the specialists that you can come to, when it comes to car air conditioning or regassing in Melbourne, Frankston area.
  • Specialise in automotive air conditioning for all vehicles- American, European, Australian, Japanese, korean, etc.
  • Air Con Gas recovery
  • Minor Electrical repairs
  • Hard to find faults
  • Compressor replacing or sourcing
  • Dash out evaporator replacements
  • Replacing condensors
  • Climate control faults
  • Custom fit units
  • Contamination flushing

car air conditioning regas car aircon service

Using a naturally occouring refrigerant Hychill minus 30. As the refrigerant is a mixture of ISO Butune/Propane (40/60) which is a very efficient refrigerant.

The main reasons for a air con regas

 When evacuating the system the removal of impurities and moisture and vacuum testing for major leaks. The addition of a synthetic lubricant when charging the system lubricates the compressor internal parts while operating.

All car aircon regasses are carried out with visaul inspection, testing of electrical operations,

evacuating the system then regas with addition of a test dye if needed. If there is no refrigerant in the system then other tests need to be done. All care is taken to see if the vehicle aircon system works prior to regas so once the refrigerent is charged payment is required.

Car Air Conditioning Re Gas Auto Service

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